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Circles of Learning

David and Roger Johnson and Edythe Holubec. An overview of cooperative learning. The essential components of successful cooperative learning, the teacher's role, and the teaching of social skills to students are all covered. Cooperation among teachers is also discussed. An excellent introduction to cooperative learning.
ISBN 0-939603-12-8 $25.00

Cooperation in the Classroom

David and Roger Johnson and Edythe Holubec. The foundation for using cooperative learning in your classroom. The book covers the nature of cooperative learning, the essential components that make it work, the teacher's role, the structuring of positive interdependence and individual accountability, teaching students social skills, group processing, and forming teacher colleagial support groups. The basic lesson structures required to get started with cooperative learning are included. The foundational book for implementing cooperative learning.
ISBN 0-939603-04-7 $35.00

Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom

(2006, 8th Edition). David and Roger Johnson and Karl Smith. A comprehensive view of the use of formal cooperative learning lessons, informal cooperative learning groups, and cooperative base groups in the college classroom. Numerous specific lesson structures are included. An excellent overview of how to use cooperative learning at the college level. The book is also useful for secondary school teachers.
ISBN 0-939603-14-4

Nuts & Bolts Of Cooperative Learning

David & Roger Johnson & Edythe Holubec. A practical step-by-step guide to the teacher’s role in using cooperative learning. Contains easy-to-follow procedures for planning and conducting cooperative lessons. This user-friendly state-of-the-art book emphasizes mnemonics, illustrations, and a thumb index. The wide variety of ideas and activities will be helpful to teachers at all levels of education.

ISBN 0-939603-21-7 $30.00

Advanced Cooperative Learning

David and Roger Johnson and Edythe Holubec. For teachers who have mastered the foundational procedures of using cooperative learning. The book presents the integrated use of formal cooperative learning, informal cooperative learning, and cooperative base groups; the integrated use of cooperative, competitive, and individualistic instructional procedures; an advanced look at components of successful cooperative learning; in-depth treatment of teaching students leadership, trust, communication, and conflict skills; student diversity and valuing differences; reaching out to colleagues, and the future of cooperative learning.

ISBN 0-939603-19-5 $35.00

Creative Controversy: Intellectual Challenge in the Classroom

David and Roger Johnson. A comprehensive guidebook on how to structure intellectual/academic conflicts within cooperative learning groups. Intellectual conflicts are created to promote higher-level reasoning, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and long-term retention. Plus they are fun and energizing. Controversies may be structured in any subject area and at any grade level. Lessons plans and lesson structures are included.
ISBN 0-939603-23-3 $35.00

Cooperation and Competition: Theory and Research

A comprehensive review of all the research conducted on cooperative, competitive, and individualistic efforts. Each chapter is a separate meta-analysis of all the available studies and the best evidence. This single volume provides a conclusive rationale for the use of cooperation in the classroom and school.
ISBN 0-939603-10-1 $35.00

Teaching Students To Be Peacemakers

David and Roger Johnson. A comprehensive conflict resolution and peer mediation program. All students are trained to recognize and value conflict, negotiate to solve the problem, and mediate the conflicts of their schoolmates. This program provides a structure for managing classroom and school discipline by giving students the procedures and skills they need to regulate their own behavior. Discipline problems are dramatically reduced and students are given important life long coping skills. Lesson plans and lesson structures are included.
ISBN 0-939603-22-5 $35.00

Leading the Cooperative School

The leadership role in implementing cooperative learning in the classroom, colleagial teaching teams among teachers, and school-based decision making. Changing the organizational structure of the school to a team- based cooperative structure requires leadership. Leaders must challenge the status quo, inspire a mutual vision, empower through teams, lead by example, and encourage the heart to persist. In a cooperative school cooperative learning dominates the classroom, colleagial support groups among teachers and administrators dominate the school and district, and school-based decision-making procedures are used.

ISBN 0-939603-20-9 $28.00

Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills

David and Frank Johnson. A basic text on group dynamics that integrates theory, research, and skill-building exercises. The text is build on an experiential learning model that requires students to apply group dynamics theory and research. Communication, decision-making, leadership, power and influence, conflict, creative problem solving, and many other skills are covered. Numerous skill-building exercises.
ISBN-13: 978-0-205-57863-4

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Meaningful And Manageable Assessment Through Cooperative Learning

David and Roger Johnson. This book provides a practical, comprehensive coverage of assessment procedures with the forms and instructions teachers need to use the procedures. Most of the more powerful and interesting assessment procedures require far more time and energy to implement and use than teachers have available. Cooperative learning groups provide the setting and the assistance teachers need to integrate the new assessment procedures into instruction. For each procedure the ways in which cooperative learning helps make assessment more meaningful and manageable is described. This book is a necessity for any teacher who wishes to update and improve their assessment practices.
ISBN 0-939603-25-X

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Learning Together and Alone: Cooperative, Competitive, and Individualistic Learning

David and Roger Johnson. The integrated use of cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning is emphasized. The essential components that make cooperative learning work are also covered. The theory and research rationale for cooperative learning is presented.

ISBN:  978-0205287710

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Learning To Lead Teams: Developing Leadership Skills

David and Roger Johnson. Workbook for students to learn leadership skills so they are more productive members of cooperative learning groups and all other groups to which they belong. Through loads of exercises leadership skills are identified, diagnosed, increased, practiced, and assessed. It is priced so that each student in your class can have one.

ISBN 0-939603-27-6 $25.00

Building Models for Conservation and Wildlife Management

Tony Starfield and Andrew Bleloch
ISBN 0-8087-7790-4 $30.00


How to Model It: Problem Solving for the Computer Age

Tony Starfield and Karl Smith and Andrew Bleloch
ISBN 0-8087-7970-2


Learning Mathematics and Cooperative Learning: Lesson Plans

Math lesson plans from veteran cooperative learning teachers around the country. Primary, intermediate, junior high, and senior high school math lessons are included.
ISBN 0-939603-13-6 $26.00

Our Cooper-Active Classroom

A variety of student activities geared to primary grades. Close to 100 pages of ventures to enhance students' enjoyment and appreciation of cooperative learning and social skills.

ISBN 0-939603-05-5 $16.00

Multicultural Education and  Human Relations: Valuing Diversity

David and Roger Johnson.  This text provides the philosophical foundation for multicultural teaching while offering practical workbook activities, exercises, games, and checklists for classroom application. Multicultural Education and Human Relations asks pre-service teachers to diagnose their present knowledge and skills, reflect on experiences, actively participate in exercises, discuss relevant theory and research, and integrate this information into their behavioral repertoires, they can then enter classroom situations from a background of first-hand awareness and experience. From this self-analysis, teachers become better prepared to work in a culturally diverse classroom and help their classes function cooperatively and effectively while promoting respect for diversity and the cultural values of others.

ISBN 0-205-32769-9

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Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self-Actualization

David Johnson. A basic text on interpersonal skills that integrates theory, research, and skill-building exercises. Experiential learning is used to ensure that students apply the theory and research on building and maintaining productive and satisfying interpersonal relationships. Trust, communication, acceptance/support, conflict, and many other skills are covered. Numerous skill-building exercises.

ISBN-13: 978-0-205-57864-1

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Structuring Cooperative Learning: Lesson Plans for Teachers

Edited by David and Roger Johnson and Edythe Holubec. Original cooperative learning lessons from teachers across North America. Lessons for various grade levels and subject areas are included. An invaluable guide for classroom teachers beginning to implement cooperative learning.
ISBN 0-939603-00-4 $25.00


DVD's and Videotapes

Belonging, (1981)

David and Roger Johnson



Circles of Learning, (1993)

David and Roger Johnson



Controversy in the classroom, (1979)

David and Roger Johnson



Teaching Students To Be Peacemakers (1991)

David and Roger Johnson.
Video presents the steps of training students to (a) negotiate wise solutions to interpersonal conflicts and (b) mediate classmates' conflicts. A great introduction to peer mediation programs.



Positive Interdependence: The Heart Of Cooperative Learning (1992)

David and Roger Johnson.
Video presents the nature of positive interdependence and how to structure it within cooperative learning lessons. A great introduction to the most essential component of cooperative learning.



Cassette Tapes

I Can't, We Can: Songs About Cooperation (1991)

Produced by Dale Johnson. 1991. 50-minutes cassette tape. I Can't, We Can: Songs About Cooperation, produced by Dale Johnson, 1991, 50-minutes, cassette tape. New recordings of ten songs about cooperation, including I Can't, We Can; Lean On Me; He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother; Friends With You; Open The Door; United We Stand; One Man's Hands; Join Together, Living Hand in Hand; and Looking Out For Angels.

ISBN 0939603-14-4

We Can Help:  Songs About Cooperation II

Peacemakers:  Songs About Conflict Resolution And Cooperation

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